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Home Services

Home is a special place. We support those companies that dedicate themselves to building, maintaining, and improving our homes.
From roofers to landscapers, window installers to cabinet makers to bathroom refinishers.

Renewable Energy

Spanning both home and industry, renewable energy is the future. Solar, wind, geothermal, and more.

Social Media Monitoring & Engagement

Of course you want to be where your customers are. You probably already have a social media presence but how closely are you monitoring it? How much time do you spend on that task?

Our system will keep tabs on up to five different social media channels. Any time someone engages with you through social media, you’ll get a timely notification and they’ll get a thoughtful, engaged response.

Digital Advertising

Our core business and the key to growing yours. Using the most effective channels available, we promote our clients and drive them new customers.

Sophisticated Prospect Tracking & Remarketing

We don’t just hop on a never-ending treadmill of chasing after new customers. And neither should you.

Using cutting-edge tracking and profiling technology, we zero in on your most interested, most promising prospects. This saves time, energy, and resources.

On and Offsite SEO

Instead of a never-ending chase after top search engine rankings, we’ll focus our energies on getting you rankings that are both meaningful and profitable.

This is a far more cost-effective approach that leads to great results!

Fully Automated Customer Self-Service

Appointment setting, phone, email, text messaging, social media messaging, and more. We have the tools that will enable your customers to reach you and do business with you on their own terms, 24 hours a day. All while reducing the time you spend on these tasks!

Detailed Performance Tracking & Reporting

You’ll always know what’s working and what needs to be improved. You’ll gain valuable insights into your marketing with our richly detailed, yet easy-to-read, reports.

Reputation Management

Who’s monitoring your online reputation? When customers leave a review, do you do anything with those?

We have a sensible, comprehensive system in place to help cultivate your online reputation. We not only get your company noticed where it matters, but we actively monitor all mentions, reviews, and other feedback. When appropriate, we’ll spring into action to respond and help manage your company’s reputation.

Website Build (or Rebuild)

Lots of companies these days rely on only a Facebook page to represent them online. (There are lots of reasons why this is a bad idea.)

With our premium plan, if you don’t already have a company website, we’ll build you one. If you do but it’s a little dated, we can build you a new one that is both responsive and easy to maintain.

Content Marketing

Part of a sound SEO strategy, content marketing helps establish your expertise in your field. We’ll see to that by posting original, informative, authoritative, SEO-rich content to your website regularly.

Ready to get started?

We offer an iron-clad guarantee that, within 90 days, we’ll generate enough new revenues to fully pay for the cost of our services. Or we’ll continue working for free until we do!


I worked with Jeff at Lumanai Marketing. He is a very talented writer and marketer. His writing tone is conversational and engaging, and really helps to capture the interest of any audience. He also does thorough research on any project, and always goes above and beyond to deliver on the final project. Plus, he’s a master at writing headlines that grab attention!

Besides being well-studied and experienced in both copywriting and marketing, he’s also pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Jeff and Lumanai Marketing for any project where you want to have effective marketing and fast results.

Dr. Tammy Powell, DVM

It has been a pleasure working with Lumanai Marketing. At the offset, they took great care to ensure they understood how our organization operated and how their talents could best be utilized. They provided me with eye-opening feedback on my writing style and recommended using simpler language to tell our organization’s story. Our point of contact, Jeffrey, is helping me develop different grant templates that speak to different target audiences.

It is exciting to see how subtle word changes can improve readability while still being impactful.

Janice Lea Jacoby, Finance Manager & Grant Writer, Connecting Henry, Inc.

Wowee, speedy! Thanks very much, I didn’t expect this so soon. Many thanks!

Pam Foster, Director of Copywriting Training, American Writers & Artists Inc.

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Ready to get started?

e offer an unbeatable guarantee. Within 90 days of hiring us, we will generate enough new revenues to fully pay for the cost of our service. (At minimum!) Otherwise, we will work for free until we meet that goal.

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When doing client work, we defer all incoming phone calls so we can focus and put forth our best effort without interruption. (We’ll do the same when working for you!)

So we very much prefer contact by SMS text message or email. Just know that we may not respond immediately.