Hong Kong (June/July & August/September 2010)

Hong Kong Travel Diary (June 20th to July 10th, 2010) - Joanne & Lee

Multiple unexpected trip to Hong Kong with work that we were able to extend with a few days vacation. While we traveled on Air Canada 255 (Edmonton to Vancouver) and Air Canada 17 (Vancouver to Hong Kong), Lee left Edmonton on the evening of June 20th and returned on July 10th while Joanne left on the June 24th and returned July 6th.

Additionally, Lee had to go back for work from August 13th to September 2nd, and Joanne would be away with work for most of the time (Victoria, Vancouver & Regina).

Day 1-2 (Sunday, June 20th to Tuesday, June 22nd) - Lee - Edmonton to Hong Kong (via Vancouver)

Day 3 (Tuesday, June 22nd) - Getting Adjusted to Hong Kong

Day 4-6 (Wednesday, June 23rd to Friday, June 25th) - Working days for Lee & Travel for Joanne

Day 7 (Saturday, June 26th) - Joanne Arrives & Light Tourist Day

Day 8 (Sunday, June 27th) - Weekend Hong Kong Tourist Day

Day 9-11 (Monday, June 28th to Wednesday, June 30th) - Working days

Day 12 (Thursday, July 1st) - Stanley Market

Day 13 (Friday, July 2nd) - Semi-Working days for Lee, Tourist/Shopping days for Joanne

Day 14 (Sunday, July 3rd) - Lantau Island

Day 15 (Sunday, July 4th) - Naval Museum

Day 16 (Monday, July 5th) - Shenzhen

Day 17 (Tuesday, July 6th) - The Peak

Day 18 (Wednesday, July 7tth) - Final Tourist Day, Joanne back to Edmonton

Day 19-20 (Thursday, July 8rd to Friday, July 9th) - Working days for Lee

Day 21 (Saturday, July 10th) - Lee back to Edmonton

Hong Kong Travel Diary (August 13th to September 2nd, 2010) - just Lee

Day 1-3 (Friday, August 13th to Sunday, August 15th) - Lee - Edmonton to Hong Kong (via Vancouver)

Day 4-8 (Monday, August 16th to Friday, August 20th) - Work days ...

Day 9-10 (Saturday, August 21st to Sunday, August 22nd) - Tourist Day

Day 11-15 (Monday, August 22nd to Friday, August 27th) - Work days ...

Day 16-17 (Saturday, August 28th to Sunday, August 29th) - Tourist Day

Day 18-20 (Monday, August 29th to Wednesday, September 1st) - Work days ...

Day 21 (Thursday, September 2nd) - Workday and back to Edmonton

To view some of our pictures from Hong Kong, via Flickr --> Page Image (June/July, almost all from Joanne so very good) and Page Image (August, all from Lee so spotty)

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