Victoria BC Whale Watching (June 2004)

Victoria BC Whale Watching (June 2004)

While working in Victoria BC, Canada I did manage to get out whale watching through a company called Prince of Whales was amazing. Got a few pictures but none great.

The lighthouse is one of the few left in Canada that is still manually operated (parcially funded through Department of National Defence to watch their marine broadcast attenias which are visable in the background).

The whales are 'killer whales' (One & Two) & part of 3 'pods' (families) - 'J' pod which stays off Vancouver Island year round while 'K' & 'L' pods tend to follow the salmon up to Alaska during winter months. The day we were out was the first day 'K' pods had been spotted this season, while 'L' pod had been spotted the previous weekend. There are about 80 whales between J-K-L pods, all speak a similar language so can communicate between them & all have been well photographed by the guides so they know each of the 80 & which pod they are part of (combination of size-fin shape-striping shape-noise).

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